Tire Hankook K435 175/65R15

Price ฿1,390 each.  (In Stock)


Width 175
Aspect Ratio 65
Diameter 15 "
Price per each.


Kinergy eco2

The smart choice for complete performance

- fuel efficiency

- All-around performance

tire pattern

Wide groove (A)

Wide grooves integrated with inner block which provides excellent protection against water gliding

the structure of the tire

high adhesion silica compound

Improve traction performance on dry/wet roads. and reduce rolling resistance

Seamless full reinforced belt

- Proper tread strength

wide steel belt

- Increased contact area width for better handling on dry and wet surfaces.

Balanced polyester frame

- Increased tire sidewall hardness and durability It also provides softness.

high hardness filler beads

- Improved control and steering response

Single bead for strength

- Improved compatibility and tire fitting