about us

Chaichot Ruam Yang Co., Ltd. was established in 2004 as a distributor of car tires, truck tires, forklift tires, passenger car tires, golf cart tires, loader tires and agricultural vehicle tires. from leading companies and established an affiliated company in 2007, namely "Chaichote Group Company Limited"

The ChaiChot Group Company Limited operates as a tire dealer. of leading companies. In 2012, an additional branch was established under the company. Chaichot Ruam Yang Co., Ltd. in the form of a truck tire retreading factory of a leading company To run a full-service tire-related business with expertise in tires and car maintenance as well with a main policy that focuses on self-reliance and develop labor skills within the company to have the same standard In order to be known in that country, Chaichot Ruam Yang Co., Ltd. received an award for “development according to an outstanding service center approach” and was recognized. and trust from many leading companies

Retread factory under leading companies as well as being appointed by leading companies to be the first in Thailand with tools and raw materials under the standards of leading companies and has recorded each production process at every production station In order to focus on cleanliness according to DAILY CHECK standards, there is a comprehensive tire care team, tire care staff through the Tool box program, and can calculate the cost of tires per kilometer used. The company has a mobile car service outside the location for convenience, time saving and standard for customers.