Tire Michelin Pilot Sport4 225/45R18

Price ฿5,690 each.  (In Stock)
Width 225
Aspect Ratio 45
Diameter 18 "
Price per each.




passenger car tires

Michelin Pilot Sport 4 tires respond sharply..as you think.


Respond sharply... as you think.

Dynamic Response, the first sports tire that combines advanced materials (Hybrid Aramid/Nylon Belt). therefore responding quickly and accurately

 Formula E racing tread pattern for optimum performance on wet and dry roads.


Excellent performance even on wet roads

smooth curve The braking distance is shorter than you can feel. With a rubber formula Functional Elastomers

It doesn't glide on water, it's fun to drive like a dry road. with water ditches along the rotation and transverse directions on the shoulder of the tire

 Michelin internal test results by professional testers A sudden braking test on asphalt roads at a speed of 100-0 km/hr.

With the operation of the ABS system at the GKN test field, Japan in July 2016, tire size 245/40 R18, installed on Audi A4 (year 2012), tire pressure, front tire 2.3 bar, rear tire 2.2 bar.


Sport tires that last longer

3 elements combined into one

fixed contact area even at high speed With advanced raw materials in the front rubber belt (HYBRID ARAMID / NYLON BELT) to reduce the deflection of the tread block.

Special formula rubber with added silica (FUNCTIONAL ELASTOMER)

Wear smooth, evenly distribute the weight of the tire with race car tread pattern Developed from Formula E*

* Formula E Highlights

The world's best racing car with 100% electric power up to 270 horsepower.

0-100 km in just 3 seconds and a top speed of 225 km/h.

Only one set of tires can be used throughout the race.

Tires used in Formula E races

Must have a very high performance to accommodate the enormous torque

Must respond quickly and accurately. Maximum performance in all weather and road conditions.