Tire Michelin AGILIS 3 215/70R15

Price ฿2,890 each.  (In Stock)
Width 215
Aspect Ratio 70
Diameter 15 "
Price per each.



Size 215/70 R15

Outstanding features

Lasts 25% longer than the previous Michelin.

Braking performance on short wet roads Both in new tires and near the end of the flower

The new tires brake 5% shorter than the average leading tire.

Nearly exhausted tires, treads are 11% shorter than average top tires.

Spin performance is 12% better than the average leading tire.


production technology

The sidewall is specially designed to prevent full tire damage.

Additional rubber strips in the tread grooves Serves to eject stones from the tread grooves. protect tires from damage

U-shaped tread groove Helps to expel water efficiently Even if the tire is used until near the end of the flower

The sidewall has a thicker square rubber strip that works together with a rubber formula designed to be resistant to bumps, scratches, cuts and squeezes.

Special rubber formula, high quality, a perfect combination of Silica and Carbon black to increase braking performance on wet roads. It is also strong and durable, resulting in longer use.