Tire Michelin PRIMACY 3ST 225/50R18

Price ฿6,990 each.  (In Stock)
Width 225
Aspect Ratio 50
Diameter 18 "
Price per each.




passenger car tires

High quality run flat tires There is a softness that is outstanding than general run-flat tires. Quiet, not different from the same normal Michelin tires.

Softer and more comfortable than the previous model

New rubber formula:

The sidewall is strong but flexible. Absorbs shock for added comfort

The rubber belly increases efficiency. reduce oil consumption

Smaller tire rim reinforcement wire but as strong as before Reduce weight and hardness of tires

Excellent safety on all road conditions

new formula rubber

Brakes stop confidently on dry roads.

braking is shorter on wet roads,

Confidently cornering on wet roads

new tread pattern

Combines the interaction of the reinforced rubber strip between the tread block and the angled tread.

Helps prevent the tread block from falling, does not lose contact area, makes braking stop confidently on wet and dry roads.