Tire Michelin XM2 185/55R16

Price ฿3,450 each.  (In Stock)
Width 185
Aspect Ratio 55
Diameter 16 "
Price per each.




passenger car tires

Michelin Energy XM 2 Plus tires help you brake short and confident.

with a longer service life

Short brakes, confident, both new tires and near-depleted tires*

Short braking, confident, both new tires and almost out of tread with full silica rubber, new formula

• New tires, brakes are 1.5 meters shorter than the average leading tire*

• Tires are almost exhausted. Brakes are 2.6 meters shorter than the average of leading tires*

New formula Full-Silica rubber

• High flexibility. Helps to adjust the tire's tread and get full grip on the road.

• Improved molecular dispersion and stronger adhesion. more than normal tires Helps the tires wear smoothly and prolongs their service life.